Dam safety management is paramount. There are inherent public, socioeconomic and environmental risks associated with dams and canals. Field measurements transform into engineering insight and ensures safety of personnel and business continuity.

Our exclusive partner, SISGEO S.r.l., is specialized in designing and manufacturing high precision instruments for civil and geotechnical engineering applications. Civionix Systems provides the following services for our clients in North America:

  • Select instruments
  • Prepare budget and procurement specifications
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Regular calibration and Maintenance
  • Data collection, Processing, Presentation, Interpretation, Reporting, and Implementation
  • Contract Management
  • Rehabilitation
Our solutions include a full range of instruments for various measurement schemes.

For groundwater pressure:
Standpipe Piezometers, Hydraulic Piezometers, Pneumatic Piezometers, Vibrating Wire Piezometers, and Multi-Point Piezometers;


For measuring total stress in soil:
Diaphragm Earth Pressure Cells, Hydraulic Earth Pressure Cells, and various kinds of Load Cells


For measuring stress change in rock:
Borehole Pressure Cells, Vibrating Wire Stress meters;


For measuring deformation:
3D Extensometers, Embankment Extensometers, Inclinometers, Tilt meters, Settlement gauges;


Our solutions come with end-to-end automated data acquisition systems and portable readout units.